Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Web Analytics - Elevator Pitch

Many a time, we are posed with the problem of explaining our core area of business or competency in a nutshell or within 3 minutes depending on the number of floors in the building. In my case this elevator pitch is invariably on web analytics. Though there are many aspects in web analytics, but the aspect most of them are interested in is how will web analytics benefit my Business or Organization.

Any organization big or small has a website, sometimes the website becomes the core business or it supplements the business that they are in. E-commerce or retail sites exist only because of their websites or are content sites whose lifeline is their url. There are businesses which is increasing by the minute, who are looking at the internet to supplement or source the leads and hence marketing becomes their core focus and other business that are trying to reduce cost and increase efficiency by developing self service/ customer service models on their websites.

When business are investing so much money in the websites, they ideally should also spend effort, time and money on analyzing how the website is contributing towards the business goal. Its common knowledge that "What gets measured, gets managed" in web analytics we need to add a suffix to this adage which is, "What gets measured accurately, get managed properly" and follow it up with "What gets managed well, will increasingly result in value and efficiency".

Hence my elevator pitch on web analytics has been "monitoring and reporting of website usage to make business understand the complex relationship "What are user action on the website" and "the offering of the website" and use the continuous insights to accomplish the predetermined objectives/ goals of the business.

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  1. Good notes Jaisri.
    Keep it up.
    I guess next sequencial articles would be what KPIs one should have ?

    Good work again.


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